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Artist Mick Palumbo was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1958 along the shores of Lake Erie, where he would gain numerous experiences to catapult his career in art. He has been drawing “since he could hold a pencil”, and this passion drove him to attend school at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Although he studied there briefly due to financial reasons, his desire to pursue a career in art was not diminished. He began to paint works that consisted of pirates, ships, and other sea-inspired scenes and found that this was his niche.

As for the influences for his art, Palumbo points first and foremost to his own hobbies of reading and sailing. He has read countless books on and stories about pirates, sea battles, and sailing in general, and these deeply inspires him. Some of his favorites are Moby Dick, True Tales of Buried Treasure, and Mutiny and Murder. Additionally, the often rugged style of his paintings was inspired by the hardly “romantic” lifestyle of vagabonds which he read countless books about. After having read these books, he was inspired to do some traveling. Among his destinations were Mansfield, Massachusetts, New York, and even a hitchhiking trip to sail on the boat the Pathfinder in Toronto, Canada.

Other than art, Mick is very passionate about sailing and has owned six sailboats since the age of 18. Some of them include anything from a 14’ “Flying Fish”, 17’ “O’Day”, and even 18’ “Jolly Boat”, which was made in England. He has sailed in a multitude of areas, including Lake Erie, Pymatuning, and in the Florida Keys.

Palumbo’s art has been features at multiple exhibits, including anything from “Tall Ship” festivals in Cleveland, to Key West, Baltimore, and Ashtabula, Ohio at Lake Erie.